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ANZAC Day 2013

Today, the 25th of April,  marks the Australian New Zealand Army Corps Day, where hundreds of young men’s lives were lost, indigenous and non-indigenous, on the shores of Gallipoli, Turkey, during World War I. It is a day of remembrance of the lives that were lost for the freedom that we have today, which is symbolised by the poppy flower. Though ANAZAC Day failed its original military objective to overthrow the Ottoman Empire, it has marked a significant virtue and spirit how citizens have viewed the events of the Great War.

Red poppies on the wall of the Australian War Memorial - Canberra

Red poppies on the wall of the Australian War Memorial – Canberra

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If you want to know who your friends are..

If you want to know who your true friends are, sink the boat. The first people who jump, aren’t your friends.

– Marilyn Manson

My Top 25 Songs

Let’s put it this way. I am sitting in the dark listening to my phone’s music wondering why I can’t fall asleep. It’s 9.30 pm here in Sydney Australia when I started this, I don’t want to read this month’s book club book, I don’t want to procrastinate (I’m really good at that lately) and I don’t want to go to sleep. And oh the light hasn’t been fixed in my room, so I am aimlessly sitting on my living room floor in the dark with Valentine’s Day by Linkin Park playing on shuffle through my cheap earphones I picked up from the supermarket a few weeks ago. Have you ever wondered if you wanted new music? I do listen to a lot of bands ranging from Linkin Park to Nine Inch Nails. So let’s start a countdown.

25. Break Me Shake Me // Savage Garden
With this Sydney band made popular with To The Moon and Back in the 90s, I recommend this song off their first self titled album. With heavy bass lines and catchy lines, this pop-rock band is a must, marking it’s spot at 25. Fuck I still love Darren Hayes.

24. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing // Aerosmith
Let’s get the tissues out as this was the song off Armageddon’s OST, where Steve Tyler is actually singing about his daughter, the actor Liv Tyler who ironically starred in the movie. Shame on you if you haven’t listened to this song. Lying close to you, feeling your heart beating, and I’m wondering what you’re dreaming…..wondering if it’s me you see yeah! Hang your head in shame if you’ve never heard of this band before. So I admit until this song, I had never heard of Aerosmith and this song was realised when I was young. So that’s my justification.

23. Hang You From The Heavens // The Dead Weather
This is what happens when you put Jack White on the drums and on vocals at the same time combined with Alison Mosshart on primary vocals. Add this onto the Horehound album (the only good album in my honest and brutal album of theirs) and you’ve got The Dead Weather.

22. Nymphetamine Fix // Cradle of Filth
If you are a fan of power ballads, dark metal and a duet, this is the song for you. With Nymphetamine Girl as guest vocals alongside with the dark voice of Dani Filth, they make this power ballad work with kick ass power chords behind a eerie background of music. This is an acquired taste this song, you’re not going to like Dani Filth’s voice straight away, but with a few listens it goes well, in an oxymoron way.

21. Earth Song // Michael Jackson
Alright get your hippy pants on and raise your hands and swing them to this heartwarming song about how much we, as a race really truly suck. Jackson sheds light on governmental empty promises and the killing fields that are spread across the earth. With a slow intro, it takes patience to get a beat going but once it gets going, it gets you wanting to raise your hands and swing them. Jackson’s lets his vocals rip in the third intro, that’s my favourite bit of all.

20. Freak On A Leash // Korn
If you have a problem with this film clip and deem it uncool, you sir/ma’am need to click that X button on your browser and go straight to youtube to get your eyesight reevaluated. You just can’t beat slow motion photography when a bullet is involved sided with cartoon kids. When these guys were fronting and leading the nu metal scene of the 90s this was their last decent album before they had a rap battle with the Transformers race aka before they converted to dub step. With a bullet ripping through everything and almost everyone in its path, backwards or forwards, this song has always been a classic to me. Listen to the damn bass and vocal beat boxing for the love of Christ!

19. Say You’ll Be There // Spice Girls
Wait what? Have you lost your mind Sarah? You must be thinking. Nope. As much as the Spice Girls weren’t actually a band, they were the best things to come out of the 90s since Daniel Johns’ long hair and Nick Carter. Nostalgic, yes, crazy, yes, what the fuck is wrong with you Sarah? Yes. It’ll be on my top lists for decades to come. Beats Wannabe any time of the year. Everyone has to have a guilty song, this is one out of few I have.

18. Cover and Duck feat. Mike Shinoda and Styles of Beyond // Celph Titled
Yes I will listen to rap music, but only if it’s decent. A lot of decent rap music that I deem as it as, comes from Styles of Beyond, Mike Shinoda, or Celph Titled. Not a big fan of Eminem, but will listen to him on occasion. So flick your cap backwards and lets cue the heart pumping to the beats in this song. Though this song really makes me want to say out loud in a restaurant gentlemen and ladies please put down your expensive champagne just to see what kind of reaction I get. Though not on my everyday playlist, I do enjoy it time to time. At least it’s Top 20 right? Right? Am I right?

17. If You Could Only See // Tonic
Oh god, this song I am a total sucker for this song. It’s like a love song mixed in with a whole bunch of other feelings, but at the end of the day, it’s a god damn love song. Also nostalgia kicks in. This was the most if not one of the most overplayed song among my siblings growing up, so it brings back a lot of memories of walking in on my sister singing into a hairbrush to this song. Yes, I do it now because it’s one of those stop-what-you-are-doing-and-sing-the-damn-song types of songs.

16. Sunsets // Powderfinger
On the first day God gave us the green earth, the second he gave the earth humanity to destroy it, and on the third, he gave us the soothing power of power ballads. How can you integrate a Chinese tale into a song like this? I really have no fucking clue, but Powderfinger did it with their animated film clip. I just feel like hugging Bernard Fanning until he gets a restraining order on me, for singing this song. But to shower you with pity will do you no good at all … amen. I am a huge sucker for power ballads.

15. Suicidal Dream // Silverchair
I find the fact that Daniel Johns had a suicidal dream and he made a song about it, quite fucking hilarious. This song was released on Frogstomp, way before he publicly declared he had clinical depression during the Neon Ballroom era, so I don’t think he actually had suicidal feelings, I think he just made a song about it because he could. Also because he was an angst filled teenage when he wrote this, so the most likely scenario was that he just had a suicidal dream and said fuck this I’m going to make it into a song, screw you all. Nice.

14. Fell in Love With A Girl // The White Stripes
What happens when you put lego, a woman that doesn’t actually know how to play the drums and a man who commits whammy bar abuse in nearly every song of his, together in a song? You get this song. Not my favourite White Stripes song but man it’s just so trippy it does deserve to be on this list. Also White Blood Cells as an album kicks random animal’s asses.

13. My Suffering // Dead by Sunrise
I can’t sit still when I hear this song. Sitting still while listening to this song, is like holding onto a pee when you’re nervous and any nervous moment, you know you’re going to leak. You just need a spark. That’s me with this song. With Chester Bennington’s vocals (I haven’t yet mentioned this name until #13? Wow. Go me?) fronting this band many people mistake Dead By Sunrise for his other Linkin Park. And for those people who do, I’ll greet them each morning with an egg yolk in hand and make them witness me smothering their car in it, for the next fortnight. Eggs are cheap by the way, so yes you’ve been warned.

12. In Stereo // Fort Minor
This had to be mentioned, but I didn’t know what number it should have been so I guess I’ll put it here before I forget it entirely. This is duff duff music, as in let-crank-the-bass-up music and crank it during a rap battle between me and some random car at a set of traffic lights that is also playing duff duff music. There’s a few other songs on The Rising Tied that I probably will remember to add when I am fast asleep and hit the publish button already – so I had to add at least one – my favourite one. If you’re not into rap or hip hop, I’m not forcing you to download it, but I like it and I’m (were) one of the most anti-rap persons around until I listened to this album.

11. 3 Libras // A Perfect Circle
You know that creepy boy in the Grudge? Oh well there’s a creepy lady underneath the surface of the pool’s water you should take notice of in this film clip. I don’t even know why I had to point that out, but the damn kid with the boat looked so damn innocent. 3 Libras, violin and acoustic guitar abuse to the maximum with straining vocals by Maynard James Keenan – I fucking love this band. Even with his top off, Maynard James Keenan is no Prince Charming, I must warn all the ovaries and eyes out there if you see the words “his top off” and automatically think of Brad Pitt running around topless. Nope. Great vocals though!

10. March of the Pigs // Nine Inch Nails
Oh come on, Trent Reznor, in a black mesh shirt is one of the hottest and sexiest things to come from the 90s Brad Pitt topless in Interview with the Vampire. Accompanied by heavy distorted guitars and a headbanging beat, you really can’t beat the downturn to when it dulls down to a keyboard. I have no idea to be honest what the pigs represent in this song, but the combination of beats in this song is interesting. Especially in the film clip, when Mr Reznor walks off camera to have a light conversation with someone and walks back into a plain white recording room where the performance is pretty much raw and edited.

9. Breathe // The Prodigy
Any band that can get away with a few lines on repeat with kick ass mixed music like The Prodigy can do, deserves a gold shiny star. No sarcasm or hurt intended. This also happens to be the song I learnt what the word psychosomatic means, so I owe The Prodigy some kudos for the extended vocab they have provided me along with the CDs I have unlawfully borrowed from friends over the past years. I didn’t steal the CDs, I technically borrowed them without their knowledge. Stealing is when you borrow without their outright expression of interest.

8. Absolute Zero // Stone Sour
If God ever taught me one thing, it was that it was worth buying House of Gold and Bones Part One that would eventually lead me to buy House of Gold and Bones Part Two a few months later. In fact this whole damn album is worth a few places in this list, but because I am more realistic than that, I will try to contain my fangirling. If that’s a possible thing for me to do. The world is stuck in delirium!

7. Leave Out All the Rest // Linkin Park
Minus points for being strongly associated with the fact that a majority of people outside the realms of my computer, associate this song with Twilight and the fact it was unlawfully chosen for it’s OST. Okay, so I’ve put the rotten fruit away because this is the second time where I’ve mention the name Chester Bennington. Please God, if you exist, really, truly, tell Chester and his group of friends how much I love them for making this song. Though, Minutes to Midnight wasn’t a great album, it’s actually my least liked album due to a lot of other factors that I shall not ramble on, but long story cut short, this song made it to the Top 10 so fuck you all.

6. Miss You Love // Silverchair
I have tried time and time again to deconstruct this damn song to actually get its actual meaning and how it’s integrated into Daniel Johns’ life. Then a brick falls from heaven and knocks me unconscious to make me realise it’s on Neon Ballroom. Sweet baby Jesus, Neon Ballroom deals with anorexia and the associated depression he was going through, so somehow I will understand this song. I fucking love this song, don’t get me wrong, it just confuses me at times what the actual meaning it is. Apparently loving and being confused with handling every day is what fucks with your head?

5. Psychosocial // Slipknot
This list is not complete without Psychosocial being in the top 5. Grab your pitch forks, your hate for the nation you live in, grab your protest slogans and your fucking kettle drums, we’ve got a war to sing against. This is what this song is about – whether you like it or not, this song is about war. The reign will kill us all throw ourselves against the wall excuse me, I would love to be the one trying to justify this song as a personal Corey Taylor song, but you’re just going to end up throwing shit at me for lying. So when you’re angry, you’re going to war, this is your #1 war slogan. If you chose differently, I would have to have words with you.

4. The House of Gold and Bones // Stone Sour
I dare you to scream the opening lyrics RU486! RU486! RU486! around a left wing conservative and see how fast you’re going to flee because they have flaming torches and slogans saying you’re a murderer. Haven’t grasped what RU486 is yet? It’s the drug used in abortions. Also remind me to never deconstruct songs because I end up never singing the song same again. Waterloo, mentioned early in the song is not that of the Battle of Waterloo, it’s of Waterloo, Iowa. I am slowly piecing together a lot of House of Gold and Bones Part Two and what it means, but hell I already know what Anna is about off Audio Secrecy is about and no I did not go out of my own way to find this information I was ready Corey Taylor’s biography when I was informed of these subliminal facts.

3. Judith // A Perfect Circle
Want to make me mad? Do you want to take that risk one day? Say this song is shit and you’ll have your ass set alight quicker than you can blink. Okay, that was an idle threat but yes, overall, don’t fuck with this song and me. Have you ever been told God hates you because you ended up severely fucked up at the end of an accident? Maybe to the point of being bound to a wheelchair? Well, Judith Keenan, Maynard’s mother was told precisely that. She was told to give up her faith in God because everybody was telling her that God was this awful entity that had bound her to a wheelchair after a horrific car accident. Nope. She didn’t. She believed God did this for a reason and she wouldn’t listen to anybody else. Even though he’s the one who did this to you, you never thought to question why… well isn’t that just dandy?

2. Zzyzx Rd. // Stone Sour
Okay! Judge me! Roll your eyes! I don’t care! Two Stone Sour songs in two positions, for a God damn reason that’s why. This was the very first Stone Sour Song I had ever listened to and I swear this song touches every bad memory, every fucked up feeling, and shines a light in the darkest of tunnels when I feel like utter road kill. Okay, this is the second song that does it, that’s why it’s #2 on the leader tally, I won’t lie. What am I supposed to do? You still don’t think I won’t see this through. My life in a nut shell. I’ll raise a full glass of straight whiskey to that line and chug down another bottle of vodka to this power ballad.

1. Powerless // Linkin Park
It’s actually supposed to be written down as POWERLESS as it displays as LIVING THINGS, but I don’t care for all caps at the moment. This song. This fucking awesome piece of music has summed up my relationship to a certain fuckwit that’s still in my life for a lot of reasons. But let’s not get Oprah-like, I am not a talk back show. All the disappointments and all the bullshit that has made me feel let down, time and time again, summed up in one song with lyrics that bury soul deep. It makes every lonely teenager, person, whatever stage of life you’re at, to feel loved, wanted, and knowing that there is someone out there who can string words and emotions together to those unstrung feelings of the listener and express those emotions that we bury deep down. Fuck. I’m getting philosopher’s degree when I am through with this. God knows I deserve it.

A Quote to Live By.

The idioms of the world herald a time when we as a species realise our true potential and recognise that there is only one true god: the human soul. It binds us together and gives us huge reserves of untapped power, unique strength, and infinite wisdom.

– Corey Taylor

Let Me Tell You About An Idol I Have – Daniel Johns


Call me old fashioned, call me nostalgic call me crazy, but Silverchair has always lingered in the back of my head since I was a teenager. I’m not a throw-panties-at-them fangirl but more so, I’m-in-tears-because-he-cut-his-fucking-hair fangirl. Well, I guess on the topic of Daniel Johns cutting his hair, he had to grow up some time, right? He wasn’t always going to be the long haired angst-filled teenager from the country I live in – his name always comes up at the ARIA’s (Australian awards – like MTV but ten times crappier) and when it doesn’t, you know that the award ceremony is rigged anyway and that you’re most likely wasting your time watching them. So where was I? Ah yes, Daniel Paul Johns. He’s also part of the Dissociatives alongside Paul Mac which does the theme song for a popular game show host here called Spicks and Specks.

But Daniel Johns was a home grown Newcastle boy who actually grew up in Merewether, who made his career debut at a ripe age with Frogstomp after Tomorrow won a contest and the utter nonsense of a label war went on alongside his two pals. Okay let’s cut this history crap, his history ranges from Frogstomp to a QANTAS (an airline here) propaganda bullshit commercial. Better time could have been spent, that’s all I’m saying.

Okay let’s get to the point of this blog post, why do I idolise him? Because I can relate to him.

Early on in his career, he developed anorexia, a serious condition that affects the mentality of how a person views themselves in the mirror and the things they eat – most commonly associated with women, but no, it affected Daniel greatly. A majority of the album Neon Ballroom was about his mental struggle with the disease alongside with depression. I remember seeing an interview with him with a host here called Andrew Denton and he said that he was contemplating death because everything was just so bad for him and it’s quite recognisible in his music when you deconstruct it.

And you’re my obsession
I love you to the bones
And Ana wrecks your life
Like an anorexia life

– Ana’s Song (Open Fire)

I relate to it because one of my friends in high school had an eating disorder and I saw her degrade herself almost every day for two years. It really hit home for me, when I listened to this song because I could only imagine what she was going through. But we lost contact after high school .___.

Also the socio-political stance that he takes in such songs as Anthem For The Year 2000. I remember watching this film clip and thinking “omg that guy is so cute!” but I think what got me into this song, and it was the song that got me into Silverchair actually, was how alike the lyrics were to what society was becoming.

Maybe we don’t want to live in a world
Where innocence is so short

– Anthem For The Year 2000

Though I do know that Daniel Johns is friends with Peter Garrett, ex Midnight Oil lead singer/now Australian Labor Party minister who sung political songs back in his time which coincides with Frogstomp’s Israel’s Son (never let your history teacher listen to this song, you’ll never hear the end of how politically correct Silverchair is on this manner).

Hate is what I feel for you
And I want you to know that I want you dead
Your late for the execution
If you’re not here soon
I’ll kill your friend instead

– Israel’s Son’

So I guess you can pin it down to how I can relate to him on a personal matter and to his lyrics, I suppose. I don’t doubt he’s a great man, never been to a gig of his in my life even though I live in the same state as him. But I would love to meet him one day, just to tell him how awesome he is and how he’s inspired a lot of teenagers that have struggled with depression and anorexia in their life. I mean, hell he’s walking proof that there’s always going to be a tomorrow even if you don’t believe there will be. To sing about something is one thing, but to know you can relate to the person on another level is another, and I think that the idols that I have chosen to blog about give me that hope.

Daniel came back a few years with Silverchair and he bought one clear message, he was back and he was better, in which his physical health could be easily detected in his songs on Straight Line, for an example;

Washed the sickened socket and drove
Resent nothing
There’s good will inside of me

– Straight Lines

In other words, it means that he’s better, both physically and mentally. To know that a man could bounce back from all the shit in his life, it shows something. It shows that you can overcome any obstacle and you can pick yourself up again, and start walking like nothing happened to you but at the same time, you’ve learnt from the past and the only thing you can do now is take the past, learn from it, and move the fuck on.

Let Me Tell You About An Idol I have – Corey Taylor

Corey-Taylor-Interview-2012Corey Taylor

I was driving along a busy highway with my boyfriend and the kids in the car, in Sydney’s outer suburbs, in his car (lol) almost two years ago, when he said, shut up woman! I have to listen to this song. He cranked the iPod jack up loud, and that’s when I first heard my “calling”. He had introduced to a band called Stone Sour and their song Zzyzx Rd. I listened to it and I didn’t mind it. When I got home I downloaded that singular song and older songs. I remember taking a phone call before Stone Sour’s Soundwave performance about my friend wanting me to drag his brother by the collar home if I saw him, which I didn’t. One of the greatest memories I have of this man, is a) sticking his finger up at us at Soundwave and b) the above ^

Who is this man? Corey Fucking Taylor.

Actually, it’s Corey Todd Taylor, also known as #8, The Great Big Mouth, Faith, The Sickness, Todd Tigger, The Boogie Knight (which is actually his Twitter name currently @CoreyTaylorRock ), Big Neck. He may swear a lot and have a course attitude but he is one of the wisest celebrities that I admire. Not only because he rocks as the front man from Iowa, as Stone Sour’s and Slipknot’s front man but because he has a very realistic approach to life.

Here are a bunch of my most favourite lyrics from him:

Your so called set of fake morals
I can’t tell the difference
is that an excuse?

– Do Me a Favour

Man is a four letter word
It’s really absurd

– Absolute Zero

I chose this lyric because of the depth it has. Back in the medieval times a four lettered word was considered to be a vulgar word. I just appreciate the depth this one quote it has.

You were my fire so I burned
Till there was nothing left of me
I touched your face
And held you close
Until I could barely breathe
Why? Give me hope?
And then give me up?
Just to be the death of me.

– Hesitate

The list can just go on, while I’m at it. It’s like asking which one do I like more, the green striped candy or the red striped candy? Not going to happen bro.
I think the best part of being a fan of any band is the fact that you can relate to any of their songs in your own particular way. I find with the bands that I admire most I can relate to them the most, and that’s what makes them my favourite bands. With Corey’s ability to be this angst driven melodic bastard (he called fuckers so I call him a bastard), he has really seen a lot of teenagers through the 90s through their troubled teens and he continues to do so. He was around way before Linkin Park, for an example (but LP are still my favourite :P)

Also he is quite actually smart and intelligent for someone who has been personally through a lot, molestation, drug and physical abuse, etc. I am reading his book Seven Deadly Sins; Setting the argument and how he combines the argument for each sin and his life experiences that have led him to believe this way, is quite interesting. For an example, here’s a quote that reflects his argument about whether or not to allow homosexuality (by the way, Iowa his home state, was the first state in the US to legalise same sex-marriage)

I still maintain that it comes down to how comfortable people are with their own sexuality. The status quo has gone to great lengths to make sure the taboo is in the tablet. I mean, up until the 1960’s homosexuality was regarded as a fucking mental illness. Is that a big enough control issue for you? “Those in favor” chose to make people who were confused enough as it was feel like they were fucking crazy. Can you imagine having to go through shock therapy all because you wanted to sleep with whomever you were attracted to? It is so hard for the gay and lesbian community to trust us; we had to go and try and fuck with their minds, so I do not blame them in the slightest.

This man. Right here. Right now. New Iowa governor please? This book actually makes me want to read more about my idols (there’s no official Rob Bourdon biography right out there?). I’ve already got a Silverchair biography coming in and I’ve got a Marilyn Manson book on my to do. I wouldn’t mind doing a book review on it, when I’m done. God knows I still have to do one for Looking For Alibrandi.

If a Presidential election came down to Corey Taylor vs the rest of my idols, I would be a blubbery mess on the floor in the fetal position for the remainder of my life. But since the election is not going to happen, I won’t be doing the second part.  But yes I owe myself some blog writing time and some reviews.

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