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A Quote to Live By.

The idioms of the world herald a time when we as a species realise our true potential and recognise that there is only one true god: the human soul. It binds us together and gives us huge reserves of untapped power, unique strength, and infinite wisdom.

– Corey Taylor


Let Me Tell You About An Idol I have – Corey Taylor

Corey-Taylor-Interview-2012Corey Taylor

I was driving along a busy highway with my boyfriend and the kids in the car, in Sydney’s outer suburbs, in his car (lol) almost two years ago, when he said, shut up woman! I have to listen to this song. He cranked the iPod jack up loud, and that’s when I first heard my “calling”. He had introduced to a band called Stone Sour and their song Zzyzx Rd. I listened to it and I didn’t mind it. When I got home I downloaded that singular song and older songs. I remember taking a phone call before Stone Sour’s Soundwave performance about my friend wanting me to drag his brother by the collar home if I saw him, which I didn’t. One of the greatest memories I have of this man, is a) sticking his finger up at us at Soundwave and b) the above ^

Who is this man? Corey Fucking Taylor.

Actually, it’s Corey Todd Taylor, also known as #8, The Great Big Mouth, Faith, The Sickness, Todd Tigger, The Boogie Knight (which is actually his Twitter name currently @CoreyTaylorRock ), Big Neck. He may swear a lot and have a course attitude but he is one of the wisest celebrities that I admire. Not only because he rocks as the front man from Iowa, as Stone Sour’s and Slipknot’s front man but because he has a very realistic approach to life.

Here are a bunch of my most favourite lyrics from him:

Your so called set of fake morals
I can’t tell the difference
is that an excuse?

– Do Me a Favour

Man is a four letter word
It’s really absurd

– Absolute Zero

I chose this lyric because of the depth it has. Back in the medieval times a four lettered word was considered to be a vulgar word. I just appreciate the depth this one quote it has.

You were my fire so I burned
Till there was nothing left of me
I touched your face
And held you close
Until I could barely breathe
Why? Give me hope?
And then give me up?
Just to be the death of me.

– Hesitate

The list can just go on, while I’m at it. It’s like asking which one do I like more, the green striped candy or the red striped candy? Not going to happen bro.
I think the best part of being a fan of any band is the fact that you can relate to any of their songs in your own particular way. I find with the bands that I admire most I can relate to them the most, and that’s what makes them my favourite bands. With Corey’s ability to be this angst driven melodic bastard (he called fuckers so I call him a bastard), he has really seen a lot of teenagers through the 90s through their troubled teens and he continues to do so. He was around way before Linkin Park, for an example (but LP are still my favourite :P)

Also he is quite actually smart and intelligent for someone who has been personally through a lot, molestation, drug and physical abuse, etc. I am reading his book Seven Deadly Sins; Setting the argument and how he combines the argument for each sin and his life experiences that have led him to believe this way, is quite interesting. For an example, here’s a quote that reflects his argument about whether or not to allow homosexuality (by the way, Iowa his home state, was the first state in the US to legalise same sex-marriage)

I still maintain that it comes down to how comfortable people are with their own sexuality. The status quo has gone to great lengths to make sure the taboo is in the tablet. I mean, up until the 1960’s homosexuality was regarded as a fucking mental illness. Is that a big enough control issue for you? “Those in favor” chose to make people who were confused enough as it was feel like they were fucking crazy. Can you imagine having to go through shock therapy all because you wanted to sleep with whomever you were attracted to? It is so hard for the gay and lesbian community to trust us; we had to go and try and fuck with their minds, so I do not blame them in the slightest.

This man. Right here. Right now. New Iowa governor please? This book actually makes me want to read more about my idols (there’s no official Rob Bourdon biography right out there?). I’ve already got a Silverchair biography coming in and I’ve got a Marilyn Manson book on my to do. I wouldn’t mind doing a book review on it, when I’m done. God knows I still have to do one for Looking For Alibrandi.

If a Presidential election came down to Corey Taylor vs the rest of my idols, I would be a blubbery mess on the floor in the fetal position for the remainder of my life. But since the election is not going to happen, I won’t be doing the second part.  But yes I owe myself some blog writing time and some reviews.

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