About Me

I like a double quarter burger with no pickles. Make that a meal with a large coke. And a large fries. Fast food and cigarette junkie.

Alternative and Gothic music and clothing shop
Shop 145,
George St
Surry Hills, Sydney
NSW 2000
New England
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Direct all insults, Justin Bieber quotes, avocados, asparagus and pickles meals to my publicist thank you.

The snide remarks and social media self embarrassing call outs can go in my social media humour box.

Rob Bourdon, Corey Taylor, Jack White and Maynard James Keenan not-yet ashamed fangirl.

Cybergoth enthusiast.

Loyal mother, friend, sister, niece, aunt, granddaughter, and daughter.

I’m  the girl that cranks Slipknot at 2 am in my backyard and the neighbours attempt to throw beer bottles at me in a drunk manner. I am the girl who also calls the cops on them.


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