It is currently very early in the morning as I write this blog post and after hours upon hours having technical difficulties and no sleep, I am happy to announce that the birthday project that has received a great response to, is finally up and ready. The video below is region free and you should be able to view it on your cellular device.

From Brazil to Bulgaria, over 100 fans participated in Rob’s birthday present. Through quotes given to fan art made……Happy 35th Birthday Rob Bourdon!

I would like to also announce that there is a new project, a long term project underway and in the makings – The Blackout Show Online. With the help of a friend of mine, we are about to embark on a consistent, heavily fan interaction based project that will be great for everyone involved.


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2 responses to “#HappyBirthdayRobBourdon

  • Becky S. Vickery

    This is wonderful! You can tell a lot of work and love went into this. You did a wonderful job, and so did everyone who submitted entries and helped out. Go teamwork! I hope Rob will see it, and if he does I’m sure he’ll absolutely adore it 😀

  • negruta13

    Reblogged this on negruta13's Blog and commented:
    Hope Rob will see this… much love from the best fans and this girl work and dedication, he can’t miss this

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