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New Project for 2014

So in Rob’s birthday post blog I mentioned just slightly, something about a new project about to commence in the coming weeks. I would like to further exaggerate on this to those who haven’t seen it around but at the same time I will keep a majority of the spoilers under the blanket, until we are ready to tell all. I newly announced it on my personal Facebook about a day ago that something is coming and the responses I got were pretty good and we’ve already got a keen audience even before we have launched.

My friend Jeri and I have been talking for quite some time about possibly doing a project together, that is heavily fan orientated and something new, possibly never done in this fan base before on a consistent basis – it will be long term and in no doubt, I can assure that we are already are committed to it. What I can reveal that it the project’s name is called The Blackout Show Online. But without going into too much detail and ruining it all, I do know that it should be in full blown swing by March. It was meant to be launched on Rob’s birthday, but a lot of things went wrong like equipment and so on, and we ended up throwing in the towel for the project’s launch at that time. I think we were pushing ourselves to have it launched on his birthday but it just didn’t happen.

We have a few other people helping us out as well, I won’t name names but the people I’ve talked to behind closed doors do know what this project is about and I’m happy to say that Jeri and I are excited to be shown great support for it. It’s something new and we can’t wait for it to happen. Even people that are unknown in this fanbase have already been involved in it. I can’t wait but at the same time, I hope we get the response that we’re aiming for.



It is currently very early in the morning as I write this blog post and after hours upon hours having technical difficulties and no sleep, I am happy to announce that the birthday project that has received a great response to, is finally up and ready. The video below is region free and you should be able to view it on your cellular device.

From Brazil to Bulgaria, over 100 fans participated in Rob’s birthday present. Through quotes given to fan art made……Happy 35th Birthday Rob Bourdon!

I would like to also announce that there is a new project, a long term project underway and in the makings – The Blackout Show Online. With the help of a friend of mine, we are about to embark on a consistent, heavily fan interaction based project that will be great for everyone involved.

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