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Buy A Bandanna Day For MFR


So here in Australia, we have National Bandanna Day where we buy a bandanna and the proceeds go to teenage cancer research and help them with cancer treatment. During high school my friends and I would volunteer to wander the school yard with these boxes of the multi coloured bandannas that were only a small fortune but the profits went a long way.

I propose a similar day for Music For Relief where a Linkin Park bandanna is bought and the proceeds go straight to the victims of natural disasters. Hurricane Sandy for an instance and Oklahoma, are still suffering from the effects of these natural disasters.

I have around 25-30 bandannas to sell so far but I am getting more in stock. If you are interested in buying a Linkin Park bandanna please show your interest, by spreading the word, reblogging this or even contacting me.

Buy A Bandanna Day Saturday 21st September.
$10 for a bandanna
50% proceeds go to helping Oklahoma tornado to recover

Buy A Bandanna for MFR Day FB Page:



Anna Shinoda Book Club Transcript – Looking For Alibrandi


Looking for Alibrandi
by Melina Marchetta

Anna Shinoda Book Club Transcript
by Miss Mushrooms aka Sarah
Looking for Albrandi 15th August

Say a big thank you (again) to Anna for taking time out for organising and hosting these book clubs and putting up with our random side conversations in the chat.


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