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#HappyBirthdayLIVINGTHINGS – LIVING THINGS 1st Birthday Celebrations

In celebration of Linkin Park’s LIVING THINGS first birthday festivities taking place, I collaborated with 140 fans, from all over the world, from different fan sites to tell the world how much LIVING THINGS meant to us.

Full list of supportive fansites are in the post below.


LIVING THINGS First Birthday Project [Updated 20th June]

LIVING THINGS 1st Birthday Project

From the person that organised and delivered Rob’s 34th Birthday Video I announce this new project of mine . I would love to see my fellow LP fans come together and celebrate such a milestone for the best album of 2012.

So the first birthday for Linkin Park’s LIVING THINGS is due to hit on June 26th (the US release of it). So in celebration of it, and to show what a wonderful fan base we are to the six awesome guys, yet again, I have decided to work with various LP fansites to bring together a slideshow dedicated for this moment in time.

In order for this project to go ahead I only request one small thing. If you have the hard copy of LIVING THINGS, take a photo of it with a sign saying “Happy Birthday” in either your mother language or English. This sign has to be hand drawn or typed (it can be typed out and printed out) but it must be in a photo together. If you have the digital copy of it, on your iPod (or any other portable media player) take a photo of it playing your favourite song with your happy birthday sign. You do not have to appear in the photo if you don’t want to. The submission has to be that of a photo you took.

I am really not fussed about the quality of it, it can be taken from any sort of camera, as long as it has “Happy Birthday” on a piece of paper in either your mother tongue or English, your soft or hard copy of LIVING THINGS and if you want to, a photo of you. In your email submission, please have your twitter/LPU username in it (or if neither your full name) for the credits and your country to show the diversity of fans.

USA Residents: If you live in the US, please submit the initials of your state in your entry.

I must stress that “Happy Birthday” cannot be digitally added. It defeats the purpose of a sign. It maybe done on the computer and printed out, or handwritten on paper. You are welcomed to add photo effects to the photo if you please.

So far the websites that have agreed to this project are
> Wretches and Kings ( for any Latin Americans wishing for a Spanish translation of this article)
> Chesterland ( for tumblr users)
> Soldier’s Recharge ( for Facebook users)
> Linkin Park Norway ( for Twitter users)
> Rock In India ( for Twitter users)
> Linkin Park Chile Soldiers ( for Facebook users)
> Linkin Park Australia ( for Twitter users)
> Team Adam ( a fan account for Adam Rhuemer)
> Linkin Lady ( a Linkin Park news website)
> Linkin Park Bolivia ( for facebook users)
> Linkin Park Belgium ( for Twitter users)
> Linkin Park Uruguay ( for facebook users)
> Face Novelas de LP ( for facebook users)
> Linkin Park Mexico y Mas ( for facebook users) 
> Linkin Park Chiclayo – Peru ( for facebook users)
> Mike Shinoda Clan ( a Linkin Park news website)
> Linkin Park India Unlimited ( a Linkin Park news website)
> Linkin Park Mexican Revolution ( for facebook users)
> Linkin Park Honduras Official ( for Twitter users)
> Linkin Park Peru ( for Facebook users)
> Living Hybrid Soldiers ( for facebook users)
> Linkin Park Siempre Los Mejores ( for facebook users)

If you wish to contact me and have your fan website name on this list (the post will be edited if need be) or if you have any questions please contact me through these means:




The deadline to this project, and to have your photo submitted to the above email, is the 25th of June 2013, midnight, PDT (Californian time).

Here’s an example of a submission:

This is an example of a submission.

This is an example of a submission.

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