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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas – Next Book Club

I’m going to cry like I did in the movie I just know it.

Anna Shinoda

Thank you to everyone who joined us today to talk about How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff!  We’ll be meeting again on Friday, June 28th at 2pm PST to discuss The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.

Someone asked me if anyone can join.  Absolutely.

I’ve really enjoyed the chats so far.  Today’s seemed an especially good one.  I think part of what made it so interesting was the wide variety of opinions, especially about Meg Rosoff’s writing style in How I Live Now.  We had ratings from 2 to 5 stars.  If you missed Book Club this week and would like to check out what we talked about, awesome adiek84 was able to do a chat transcript that you can read here.

We will continue to use the ustream chat room, which seems to be working well:

Feedback?  Questions?  Comments?  Please…

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It’s a normal to socialise, it’s more than just on a pathological level it’s basic animal instinct. When you are locked up for more than two weeks, research has shown that it heightens alert as though you are waiting for something bad to happen. Being in a crowd it’s a pattern, there are people that you don’t know, they are doing different things like talking on a cell, walking at their own pace, but you are connecting with them on a physical level because they are physically there. Animals and humans share this trait they depend on each other. For an example if you place a rat by itself, they will constantly scour the walls looking for a way to connect with other rats for a way out but eventually it gets so drilled into them that they are not getting out. People need to socalise on any level. No social contact is depressive and suicidal in both.

I dont even know why I wrote this. But I did anyway.

Kerrang! January 13 2001 Linkin Park – This Year’s Hottest New Band – Scribe – 2 articles

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Article 1:

The hottest band of 2001 have battled drug addiction, family problems, and accusations that they’re a ‘boyband’ to deliver the most exciting debut album since ‘Korn’. They are LINKIN PARK, and they are coming your way….

Kansas City, Missouri, isn’t the best town to pass through in cold weather, let alone the extremely brutal conditions this winter has brought with it. The streets are beyond dangerous; black ice on the highways makes driving at any speed a treacherous task, temperatures have plummeted well below zero, and there’s a whipping wind that penetrates the bones, no matter how well they’re insulated under heavy coats and scarves. Chester Bennington, for one, is thankful that he got to stay in a hotel last night, as opposed to the tomb-like confines of a tour bus.

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Kerrang! Linkin Park July 20 2002 Scribe

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Postcards from the Edge
Linkin Park have spent a year at the heart of the “most backwards, blatant, unethical, immoral business” on the planet. This is their story…

 “I can tell you exactly what I think about the music industry: it’s the enemy. The music industry is the most backwards, blatant, unethical and immoral type of business to I’ve ever seen. The only people who use extortion to the extent of the music industry is The Mob, and the only difference is that it’s legal for the music industry to get away with it.”

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Fainting From Excitement: Learning Not To Drown Bound Galleys

This and Corey Taylor’s (Stone Sour/Slipknot) Second Book “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven: (Or, How I Made Peace with the Paranormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the Process) are on my must-read list!
Expedited international shipping is only $50

Anna Shinoda

I’m not one to use the word SQUEEEEEE! lightly.  Or ever, for that matter.  But good mother of all that is holy, I am holding in my hand a bound galley of Learning Not To Drown.  

Learning not to drown galleys

Unfortunately, the book won’t be out until April 1, 2014, the on-sale date that is “subject to change without notice.”

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Next Book Club – May 24, 2:00pm PST

Anna Shinoda

We’ll be discussing How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff on Friday, May 24th at 2pm PST in my Ustream Chat: . If you are in a different time zone and need a little help figuring out when 2pm PST is for you, check out this magical site.

I know it’s a bit time before our next meeting, but I wanted to give everyone who wants to participate the chance to get the book and read it.  That, and  I have a very busy May, so I need time to re-read the book myself!

Hope to chat with you there!

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